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It is difficult to imagine the life of a city dweller without such a convenient thing as a city backpack. It acts as a bag for work, keeping all documents and personal belongings intact. With the correct fit, the straps do not interfere with cycling. You can go for a walk with him, taking with you a camera, lunch and a blanket. Sporty, themed, feminine and gentle, in retro style - every city dweller can easily choose a backpack to suit the rhythm of life and mood.
To buy such a useful thing, you need to clearly define the selection criteria:
  • What, in what quantity and how often will I wear it? - choice of displacement.
  • Will this model fit my laptop? - dimensions, internal structure. https://scinotech.com/beach-bag-types/
  • What additional departments do I need? - a sports model with a shoe compartment, an office model with an organizer compartment, etc.
If fixed design requirements are put forward for children's and tourist backpacks, then the main requirement for an urban model is that you like it, that it is convenient and practical.